Our Top 5 Hand Torque Tools

Do you use a torque wrench on the job?  You know how important it is to have a high-quality tool that you can trust to deliver the right amount of torque the first time, and every time.  We specialize in providing the highest quality torque wrenches, calibration equipment and accessories available today.
Just about any hardware store stocks torque wrenches, but can you really trust these wrenches when your reputation, your job, or even your life is on the line?  When you are dealing with precision engineered systems, you need a tool that you can be sure of; we are here to provide that tool. You can learn more about our company here.

Since 2002, we have seen many tools come and go. Over the years, certain tools stand out from the rest.  Presented here are five of our best tools:

1. E-RAD Electronic Torque Wrench

The E-RAD series models are capable of delivering anywhere from 100 to 6000 foot pounds of torque.  These precision wrenches will provide the torque you need, with an accurate +/- 2.8% margin of error.  An electric AC servo motor and a robust gearbox design makes this a tool you can depend on.  The included data collection software lets you to trace each torque sequence performed.  LED indicator lights let the user know when the tool has reached the targeted torque.


2. Stahlwille Torque Wrench 730

The Stahlwille 730N series sets the standards for accuracy and reliability.  The Stahlwille dedication to quality make a 20-year service life a possibility.  A torque wrench may be a relatively simple tool, but simple things are easy to get wrong.  Stahlwille did everything right when they built this amazing tool. Stahlwille is the only torque wrench that can have the torque setting left  active for as long as you wish – days, months- years. It will not effect the accuracy, since there are no springs that will weaken and lose accuracy.

3. Calibore Universal Bolt and Tool Tester

The Norwolf Tool Works Calibore is the world’s only universal bolt test calibrator.  Even high quality tools can lose precision when they see heavy use.  Regular calibration is essential to keep your best tools in the rotation.  This calibration tool is suitable for use with:

  • Impact Wrenches
  • Manual Torque Wrenches
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner
  • Testing bolts

This portable calibration tool lets you have confidence in your tools.

4. Stahlwille Torque Tester 

This is an electronic workshop tester for torque wrenches. In the field, you may use as a portable calibration tool; this workshop tool allows you to document the accuracy of your tools and generate calibration certificates.  It complies with all applicable industry standards, and will keep your tools working at their best.

5. Digital B-RAD Series

These highly portable units let you bring the power you need to wherever the job takes you.  Even though they are lightweight, they can deliver up to 1500 foot-pounds of torque, depending on the model you choose.  Sometimes, compressed air or electricity are not available; now, you can get the job done wherever you are.

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