Torque Testers And Calibrating Units

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Product Description

Have a Stahlwille Torque Wrench? You Need this Stahlwille Torque Tester

Ultra Torq was selected by Stahlwille to be its torque tool distributor in Canada. That means you won’t find these quality tools and peripherals, including the Stahlwille torque tester 7707W, anywhere else. Ensure your torque wrench is properly calibrated before you start the job with this quick and accurate piece of gear.

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Product Description

This is an electronic workshop torque tester for torque wrenches, consisting of:

  • Transducer, patent
  • Holder
  • Display unit (registered design)
  • Tripod for display unit (with 1.5 m cable)
  • Spiral cable
  • Mains adaptor (110 V-230 V with interchangeable socket adaptors) or direct connection to 12 V in-car supply is possible
  • Square drive adaptor (No 7707-2W, No 7707-2-1W, No 7707-2-2W, No 7707-3W)
  • Kit for attaching the unit to a workbench or wall in a horizontal or vertical testing position for clockwise and anticlockwise use. Units of measurement: N·m, ft·lb, in·lb.
    • The easily interchangeable transducers are attached to the holder by means of a QuickRelease safety lock.
    • Low lateral forces thanks to low-profile transducers, automatic detection of the transducer, flexible and user friendly because the unit can be used horizontally or vertically and the display unit can be placed in many positions, additional tripod with 1.5 m cable for mounting the display unit to facilitate visual monitoring when using longer torque wrenches, especially broad measuring range from approx. 2% to 100% of rated value.
    • The software No 7759-4, including USB hub and jack cable, enables readings to be transferred to the PC for documenting and for generating calibration certificates in accordance with DIN EN 6789:2003 (no separate power supply needed, power comes from PC). While individual transducers are being recalibrated, the torque tester itself remains on-site for further use.
    • Wide range of application (-20°C to +60°C). Complies with DIN 51309: 2005, Class 2 and DKD-R 3-8: 2003.
    • With certificate.
    • Supplied in sturdy plastic case.
  • QuickRelease
    • Rapid change and firm locking of the transducers.