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Click through the categories below to explore Test Benches for hydraulic tools, torque wrenches, continuous rotation torque guns, and other Ultra Torq Bolting tools.

Control and calibrate your torque tools on site with these torque calibration benches.

Choose from a complete range of test benches for control and calibration to keep your tools accurate right on your assembly line.

Choose a torque calibration bench for hydraulic tools, pneumatic tools and all kinds of torque wrenches .

With wheels and on-unit battery power, they are the best instruments for simple operation along your assembly line.

Need to rent to buy a tool not listed here?

Our torque tools come from the best manufacturers around the world, and we have longstanding relationships with shipping providers. As such, we can ensure quick international delivery on orders of all sizes.
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Customize your torque calibration apparatus.

Capacity and number of transducers, as well as a ton of accessories for special applications, are customizable to your specific operator and process needs.

Of course, you get the most detailed:

  • Data traceability.
  • Statistical reports.
  • Test scheduling.
  • Results analysis.

Yours can work as stand-alone benches or interfaced with software and database to manage quality control on your production line from the comfort of your office chair.