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Bolting Accessories

Ultra Torq provides the tools and bolting accessories that you need to complete your job efficiently, from start to finish. The accessories we offer are high quality, long lasting, and efficiency boosting. All are available for both purchase and rent. Click through to the individual products below to view their features.

Bolting Accessories that Speed up your Job Completion

Select from the most reliable torque multipliers, removers, testers, and pumps to help you speed up your job completion. Our bolting accessories offer you the newest technology, and have been tested rigorously so it is certain that they will provide you with unmatched performance.

Ultra Torq aims to provide you with a variety of products that will help make your job easier, while improving the quality of your workmanship. Whether your applications are unique to the wind power generation, nuclear, pipeline, petrochemical, mining, road, or construction industries, you will find the best accessories that have been specifically tested for use in your field.

Norwolf Tool Works is our main provider of bolting accessories. They set the industry standard for manufacturing quality pumps, torque multipliers, and stud removers, and are backed by years of leading the industry in developing the most efficient and time saving technologies.

Need to rent to buy a tool not listed here?

Our torque tools come from the best manufacturers around the world, and we have longstanding relationships with shipping providers. As such, we can ensure quick international delivery on orders of all sizes.
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