The transportation industry is a key market where calibration of bolting tools is paramount. Whether it be Rail, Aerospace, Automotive, Trucking, or off-road equipment. Wind Tower, and hydro are other examples of industries who rely on ULTRA TORQ to calibrate their tools and assure safe assembly and maintenance.
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Excellence in Torque Calibration

ANAB Accredited Metrology Laboratory Specializing in Torque Calibration

  • ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Accredited
  • Standards that meet or exceed OEM’S
  • N.I.S.T Traceable Calibration
  • Torque capacities from several inch/lb to 7000ft/lb
  • Calibration of manual, electric, battery, DC servo controlled or hydraulic torque tools

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Torque Tool Repair Service

Torque Tool Repair Service

If your tools are out of calibration, none of your work is as safe or reliable as it should be.
Get your tools calibrated as often as the manufacturer recommends. Call us for a quote on calibration services with a quick turnaround. We will calibrate and certify your:

Calibrate your tools yourself

Or calibrate your tools yourself when you have the time

Your business could save money by investing in test equipment (and the training to use it) to keep on site.

Take a look at the calibration and quality assurance tools available and see if a smarter move for your budget is an investment in in-house capacity instead of sending your calibration out to us.

Of course we’ll take your calibration business, but if your business can save money by buying the gear to bring calibrating in-house, we don’t blame you.