You have a short term maintenance contract, WHY NOT RENT. No need to capitalize funds. Get a perfectly maintained tool and write it off against the job. Call us with the job details and we will recommend the proper tooling.
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Industrial Tool Rental Services for All Applications

Industrial Tool Rental Services for All Applications

It’s important to get your work done efficiently and accurately.

But when you don’t have the right tools getting the job done right sometimes isn’t possible. And sometimes new tools aren’t in the budget.

That’s where we come in.

We rent out the torque tools you need

We rent out the torque tools you need

Are you looking for an industrial tool rental rather than purchasing outright?

We do that too.

Industrial applications can be tough on your gear. Tools break down, need repairing and maintenance, and aren’t always availablewhen the workload ramps up on your job site.

That’s why we offer a wide range of bolting rental tools, pipe rental tools and tube rental tools so your job can continue while repairs or maintenance are underway.

Accredited Distributor

We are an accredited distributor of the following tools:

Ultra Torq provides a massive selection of tool rentals for the following:

Our experienced technicians provide advice on rental equipment for a variety of industries including construction, wind energy farms, refineries, and more.