Ultra Torq

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The world’s only PDA with global explosion protection and mining approval.

  • Rugged IP65 Handheld (Class 1 Div 2).
  • Real time data collection.
  • Unlimited, user-defined traceability.
  • Flexible user management and operating modes.
  • User defined bolt pattern management.
  • Password enabled roles and privileges.
  • Multiple interface potential—leak detectors, calipers, hydrostatic test, flow meters, ultrasonics.
  • Configurable out of tolerance alerts.
  • Non-editable data (what you see is what you get).
  • Ability to change tools from bolt to bolt or from pass to pass.
  • Supervisor required overrides option for non-conforming data.
  • Management notifications by email or text.
  • Adaptable to ANY hydraulic pump (AC or air) using ANY hydraulic torque wrench.

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