Proper tool selection and operator training are key to minimizing turnaround times for tube removal and installation in the petrochemical industry. Ultra Torq, makes this a possibility by making the latest tube tools available when they are needed.

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Our high performance torque and tension tools, tube expanders, and pipe bevellers will make your building and maintenance tasks quicker and easier

In addition to providing you with quality equipment, our decades of experience providing solutions to members of the petrochemical industry has given us the ability to take the guesswork out of selecting equipment and outlining processes. We will help you decide on the most effective solutions for the job

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Let us provide you with faster and more convenient ways of getting your job done

Our premium tools will help modernize your processes and improve your productivity. You can always rely on the pipe, tube and bolting equipment that we carry, because we provide you with only the most highly regarded brands, including ESCO, Airetool, RAD and Norwolf Tool Works. We also provide you extensive free training for your team to ensure that you are getting the most out of your Ultra Torq products.