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Pipeline safety is a priority for everybody *Thanks to Torq Comm for this valuable industry insight. Oil, gas and other fuels and chemicals crisscross the continent and beyond through a sprawling system of pipelines under the privy of various operators. … Continue reading

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Once again, it’s time to revisit one of the most common questions in the hydraulic and pneumatic systems solutions industry What’s the difference between tubes and pipes? It’s a question which – at times – can trip industry novices and … Continue reading

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Your project requires specific tools for precise control, including pipe bevelers. At Ultra Torq, our bevelers and beveling accessories perform at optimum efficiency. If you’re looking for replacement parts, learn more about the essential products we offer here. Pipe Beveler … Continue reading

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Pipeline Emergency Response Pipelines play a huge role in the transportation of products that are crucial to our day-to-day lives, such as oil and gas. Most people are aware of their existence and appreciate the role they play in the … Continue reading

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The Leader in Pipe Beveling From the company that developed the first portable end prep tool as part of the Triton Nuclear Submarine program in the 1950s, ESCO Tool Company is the leading innovator of tools for end prep of … Continue reading

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Tube Ever wonder why pipe cutting isn’t called tube cutting, and tube expanders aren’t called pipe expanders? Both tools appear to be working on hollow cylinders, so many people wonder what the difference between tube and pipe actually is. What is a Pipe? It … Continue reading

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