RAD Tools Controlled Bolting vs Impact and Click Torque: A Clear Winner

We recently sat down with representatives from a major construction company to talk about the effect a certified RAD 15GX has had on workflow in the field and in the maintenance shop. They shared a scenario that really stood out with us, and we wanted to pass it along to anybody who might be on the fence about purchasing a similar product to our RAD tools.

Changing gear seals in a Cat 345C Hydraulic Excavator

The company advised us that changing the front gear seals in a CAT 345C Hydraulic Excavator usually takes a skilled technician between 10 and 12 hours using a series of impact wrenches and click torque wrenches. The company invested in a certified RAD 15GX in hopes of saving some time on each repair on its large fleet.

RAD Tools Improve Workflow

They were very surprised to find that the technician tasked with the repair was finished 3 full hours faster than ever before. The supervising staff had to double-check to ensure the rebuild was torqued correctly–and of course, it was.

Low impact on workers

The worker who completed the rebuild also volunteered some feedback worth sharing:

  • The job was more fun, the tool more interesting to use.
  • The sustained tasks were significantly less fatiguing, including the strain of trying to pull 750 foot pounds to make the previous wrench click.
  • Sound levels were hugely reduced. It was nice and quiet compared to the racket from the impacts.

Consider the savings

The construction company was kind enough to provide a rundown of the cost savings achieved by investing in the RAD 15GX. Considering shortened labour of the repair technician and less downtime for the crew waiting on the machine repair, they estimated savings of around $4,000 per hour. No pocket change. The RAD 15GX pays for itself almost instantly.

Get one of your own

It was great to hear a success story and to be able to pass it along to our other clients through this blog. We carry a wide array of bolting tools for use in a range of industries. Get in touch with us today to request a demo and see how our tools can save money in your industry.

Excavator picture photo credit to Bill Jacobus under cc 2.0