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Bluetooth Torque Control Bolting

Wireless data collection & torque pressure control

Recent government regulations across multiple industries (particularly the pipeline and petrochemical sectors) have necessitated the need for more accurate data collection and torque control.

With Ultra Torq’s years of industry experience and knowledge, we are proud to be the first to distribute Torq-Comm’s Commander XT product line. This high-tech bluetooth-enabled handheld computer calculates proper torque for the wrench, provides instructions to operators, and provides data on execution for recording-keeping.

The Commander XT product line is made to help operators determine the best products and pressure to use for any torquing or fastening project using a variety of parameters and data points.

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Plus, they’re also:

  • Designed to capture various data points in real time, the Commander XT1000 is the perfect way to instantly recall all aspects of a torquing project.
  • Meanwhile, the Commander XT2000 combines the precision reporting of the XT1000 with the added benefit of wireless pump pressure control adjustment as needed.

Whatever product you use, you can rest assured you’ll be getting the reliable, cost-effective solution you need to record data properly and work safely.

Learn more about Torq-Comm Commander XT products:

Commander XT1000

Data Collector Only

Collect, access and report project data, including:

  • Work instructions.
  • Bolt torque & pressure readings.
  • GPS location, Date & Time.
  • Hi-res camera, Wifi, Bluetooth, 2D / RFID.
  • PDF reports.

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