Mechanical Torque Wrenches

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Product Description

The Basic Stahlwille Torque Wrench 730, 730N and 730D is World Class

If you’re looking for the Stahlwille torque wrench that sets the global standard, here it is. These basic torque wrenches make torque wrench calibration a quick and painless job. That means you’ll save hundreds, likely thousands, of dollars in calibration costs over the lifespan of the tool.

Insert Tools for Your Stahlwille Torque Wrench

To expand the functionality of your basic Stahlwille torque wrench, we carry a full suite of insert tools. Quick release ratchets, bit ratchets, fine tooth, square drive insert tools, open ended, shell, ring, torx and more. Contact us today to request a demo or price out an order.

Product Description

  • Click-type
  • Mount for interchangeable insert/shell tools
  • QuickRelease safety lock (sizes 5-65)
  • Rapid setting (sizes 2-65)
  • Dual stop signal
  • Twin scales N·m/ft·lb and N·m/in·lb (sizes 5-80)
  • The measuring element is only under load while force is being applied, no need for manual reset to zero
  • Can be applied for either clockwise or anticlockwise tightening by turning the inserts over
  • Any force applied to the tool after the ‘click’ or applied in the opposite direction to the current function – e.g. forcible loosening of a jammed bolt – does not act on the trigger mechanism and cannot cause damage to it.
  • Calibration using perfect Control calibrating unit No 7794 or calibration system No 7706. adjustment without disassembly.
  • With certificate
  • Display deviation value ± 4%


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