RAD specialty wheel nut tools for deep hubs on loaders and shovels, allow you to tighten wheels rapidly and precisely to keep underground operations running. Call us for recommendations on your equipment.

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mining and smelters tools

When you invest large capital into your heavy machinery, you should not skimp on the tools that you use to maintain them

Using top quality tools is an important step to take to ensure your operations run smoothly. Our RAD nutrunners, bolt tensioners, and other tools secure your fasteners with a seal that you can have confidence in. When you purchase or rent our certified tools, you can rest assured that they will provide you with accurate results, and will perform to the stated tolerance every time.

We provide you with the most dependable torque and tension products on the market:

  • Hydraulic torque wrenches
  • Torque multipliers
  • Electric bolters
  • Stud tensioners
  • Nutrunners

We have a great deal of mining industry experience, and we have selected our product lineup based on your values:

Reliability, accuracy, usability and quality. If you are interested in seeing what our tools can do for your applications, request a demo and a knowledgeable technician will bring our RAD nutrunners and full line of bolting tools directly to you.

You have access to the industry’s best brands through Ultra Torq. Airetool, RAD, ESCO, and Norwolf are all designed to perform fast and consistently, time and time again. View our catalogue to browse our full stock.