Ultra Torq has helped mechanical contractors, supervisors and managers improve their efficiency of operations by making available latest tools for purchase or rent, jobsite training and quality repair and calibration services. Whether you are part of the oil industry, mining, smelting, mechanical, construction or off road heavy equipment, we can help improve your processes and work-flow.

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Don’t compromise quality with inefficient bolt tensioning

Why do something the hard way, when efficiency can save you time and money? We carry torque tools to streamline your processes, giving your auto & truck assembly line the consistent results you need to be successful.

We can help you find the pneumatic bolting tools that fit your workstations just right and keep workers comfortable and productive throughout their shifts.

Increase productivity and workplace safety

We help you increase the effectiveness of your assembly line:

  • We can analyze your procedures and recommend improvements.
  • You can replace your out-of-date equipment with modern tools and new technology.
  • Our site supervisors provideyour team with onsite training and supervision to accelerate new tool proficiency.

Working with your industry

We work with your industry weekly, and have over 130 man-year helping businesses like yoursimprove worker safety, satisfaction and, of course, productivity. You need tools that not only are powerful, but can also measure up to precision requirements necessary for your projects.

Ultra Torq supplies you with faster, lighter, and stronger tools to rent or own.

Talk to a member of our team and find the solution to improve productivity

You depend on us to provide the best solution for your unique industry and working conditions. Trust us to get you more power, improved functionality, greater ergonomics and lower worker strain.Don’t cut corners to keep your project profitable. We can help you maintain impeccable product quality and improve efficiency.

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