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Tube Expanders

Our high quality tube expanders cover the complete range of your condenser, boiler, or heat exchanger applications. With over a decade of industry experience, we supply only equipment that we have experienced providing a long tool life. Click on the product of interest below to learn more about its features and specifications.

Choose From a Complete Line of Expanders to Complete Your Flaring, Beading, Serrating, and Rolling tasks

Our tube expander (or pipe expander) are fast and powerful to shave time off of your job, while also delivering a perfect end product time after time.

If you’re going to work on a boiler or condenser, performing heat exchanger maintenance or complete system fabrication, Ultra Torq’s tools will give you impressive results. Our tube rolling tools will provide you with the most superior seal between vessels, and allow you to repair leaks and holes with ease. Your quality of work will be enhanced, and the potential for a leak to reoccur will be greatly minimized. 

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Our torque tools come from the best manufacturers around the world, and we have longstanding relationships with shipping providers. As such, we can ensure quick international delivery on orders of all sizes.
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boiler tube expander tools

Download our set-up guide for instructions on the correct technique for a satisfactory joining of tube to tube sheet. We recommend laminating this excellent resource and hanging it in the tube expander storage area.

Decide on which products suit your usage on your own, or contact us for a complete application assessment. Ultra Torq’s years of industry experience allows us to give you the most well-informed recommendations on what tube expander best suits your needs.