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Ultra Torq – Specializing in the sale and rental of tools for bolting, pipe cutting and beveling

Boosting your productivity and solving your problems like no one else can!

Ultra Torq is a major supplier of high quality torque wrenches, bolt tensioners and tools for pipe cutting and beveling. Providing innovative production-boosting solutions in Eastern Canada.

Oil refineries, mechanical construction or wind energy plants, you can count on us for highly efficient bolting, tensioning, pipe beveling, pipe cutting and tube removal & installation tools from recognized names like AXXAIR, Airetool, Torq-Comm, RAD, Norwolf, ESCO, Elliott, MAUS & STAHLWILLE

With a combined experience of more than 130 man years, our field experts have exceptional problem solving skills and provide superior onsite services including application and productivity analysis, and jobsite training and supervision.

Comprehensive industry-based solutions or latest tool recommendations, locally based Ultra Torq guarantees quick response and prompt after sales service for all our customers across Eastern Canada.

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  • Tube tools for boilers and condensers including superior tools for tube expansion, installation, alignment, maintenance, repair or cleaning.
  • Pipe tools like the piloted high revolution tube bevellers for hard-to-reach areas and pneumatic high powered saws for cutting and removal.
  • Bolt tools especially our advanced bolt tensioners, nut runnerstorque multipliers, and Bluetooth data reporting & wireless torque control products that facilitate precision and torque control.
  • Orbital cutting and beveling tools for improved accuracy, repeatability and productivity.
  • Wind energy tools for flange bolting and base tensioning and other customized requirements.

Our hands-on owners insist on personalized service and customized solutions. Certified equipment and quality processes provide you with valuable assistance for your own certification.

Ultra Torq has the experience and the knowledge to help with all of your tube and pipe tooling requirements. We recommend only long-lasting solutions for customers’ workplace.

Contact Ultra Torq in Eastern Canada for the purchase or rental of top-of-the line tools as well as professional advice on how to save time and money on your industrial applications.

Ultra Torq - Introducing a whole new world of high-performance bolting,tube,pipe cutting,torque and tension tools.