Here’s Your Rundown on RAD Pneumatic Bolting Tools

bolting tools in useFor commercial businesses interested in purchasing the highest quality battery, electric or air-powered, pistol grip torque wrenches on the market, RAD pneumatic bolting tools are exactly what you need.

Let’s learn why.

A Trusted Manufacturer of Bolting Equipment

For more than 20 years, RAD has remained among the most trusted names in the business of manufacturing rugged and reliable equipment for a myriad of uses. By developing innovative, high-performance tools to meet the demands of today’s global marketplace, RAD has become synonymous with creating products with unprecedented power and precision.

Take a few moments to examine what sets RAD pneumatic bolting tools apart from the competition and why companies all over the world turn to RAD to meet all their unique needs.

A Wide Array of Applications

RAD  bolting tools can be used for innumerable applications in a number of different industries. Certified RAD bolting tools are available for use in maintenance and manufacture: wheel nuts, flange bolts, and wind towers. Heavy equipment manufactureres, such as CAT and Deere trust RAD tools when conducting the installation or removal of machinery components.

A variety of industries rely upon RAD certified bolting tools, including petrochemical companies, manufacturing, aerospace, mining and automotive repair.

Advantages of RAD Certified Bolting Tools

1. Saves Time

Removing or tightening fasteners or bolts can be done much more efficiently with RAD’s unrivalled high RPM pneumatic tools. By combining lightweight construction with high power, the job can get done much faster than ever before.

Pneumatic bolting tools by RAD are an excellent replacement for outdated impact wrenches.

2. High Power

RAD pneumatic tools and torque guns are engineered to provide the most impressive power-to-weight ratio available to purchase today. With equal power given to both forward and reverse functions, RAD torque guns are able to handle even the most demanding jobs.

Fast, simple and comfortable to use, RAD certified tools can drastically reduce the costs of labor, maintenance and production for virtually any commercial or industrial business.

3. Precision, Versatility and Safety

Each individually calibrated RAD pneumatic tool adheres to NIST standards which guarantees the strength of joints and is considerably more precise than impact wrench alternatives.

RAD pneumatic tools come equipped with a 12-inch hose, an ergonomic regulator cage and a reaction arm to make all jobs easier. For improved safety, a low profile reaction arm reduces the physical demands put on the operator to minimize the potential of work-related injuries, further reducing costs and saving time.

For those who would like to improve operational safety, performance and consistency, RAD certified bolting tools are the answer you’ve been looking for.

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