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Bolt Tensions Calibrators and Load Testers

NORWOLF Calibore™ benefits include:

  • “Snap–in” front plate and hex bushing.
  • Built in adjustable reaction bar.
  • Readout in pounds and kilo newton.
  • Solid milled clamp that secures at two points for beam mounting.
    And, of course, much more.

Test all bolts using these tools.

  • Impact Wrench.
  • Manual Torque Wrench.
  • Nut-runner.
  • Pneumatic Torque Wrench.
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner.
  • Hydraulic Torque Wrench.
  • Torque Multiplier.
  • NORWOLF Missing Link™.
  • DTI Squirters.
  • TC break-off bolts.

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