All about our Tube Rolling Set Up Guide

Catch Up with Our Tube Rolling Set Up Guide

When you are ready to work with your tubes, it is important to roll them up correctly. Our tube-rolling guide is a short and sweet explanation of how to pick and set up your tubes.

What is Tube Rolling?

The first thing you need to know is exactly what tube rolling is. Tube rolling is used to expand tubes in applications such as heat exchangers, condensers, and boilers. It gives you the ability to adjoin the tube and tube sheet.

Why Technique is Important

It is important that when rolling tubes, you do them correctly and adhere to the necessary dimensions. You also want to be careful to maintain the quality and life of the tubes. Incorrect tube rolling can result in cracks or even over rolling. using high quality tools are also important, so check out our selection of tube tools for this and other applications.

How Our Guide Helps

Our tube rolling set up guide gives you the information you need for proper tube rolling set up. With our guide, you get step by step instructions on how to start the process and what you need for a satisfactory result for your applications. Measurements for tolerance of the tubes are available in the guide. The guide also includes instructions on proper maintenance of your tube tools and visuals and examples so that you can ensure that you are proceeding correctly and will get the right result.

Testing of the tubes when you have rolled them is important and our guide will show you just how to test and measure your tubes and even give the reduction for condenser tubes and boiler tubes.

The Ultra Torq tube rolling set up guide gives you the information you need to properly roll your tubes and we also have the high quality tools you need to perform that task. Our tube tools include tube expanders, tube removal tools, tube cutters, and other tube accessories.

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