Need to Know: Our Essential Pipe Beveler Accessories

Your project requires specific tools for precise control, including pipe bevelers. At Ultra Torq, our bevelers and beveling accessories perform at optimum efficiency. If you’re looking for replacement parts, learn more about the essential products we offer here.

Pipe Beveler Brands

We only distribute the most reliable pipe beveler accessories from today’s top manufacturers. A product’s brand says a lot about it. The difference between a low-quality brand and a well-recognized name is easy to see in the product’s performance.

Ultra Torq has partnered with ESCO Millhog to offer you accessories with unparalleled performance and innovative design. Both our company and the ESCO brand have the same mission in mind: to help our customers get the job done right without going over time or over budget.

About Esco Millhog

ESCO Millhog was founded back in 1954 and has expanded its offerings from simple clamping tools in the early days to beveling tools, air-powered saws, rolling motors, tube expanders, and various accessories available today. We put our complete trust in ESCO products and pass along our confidence in this brand to you.

Different Accessory Functions for Bevelers

The type of pipe beveler accessories you need depends on the job you’re hoping to accomplish. We offer three accessories for you to choose from:

1. Air clamps

Quality clamps ensure safe operation while you create precise cuts. This time-saving tool makes it quick and easy to complete repetitive end-prep tasks.

It’s about three times faster to use air clamps than to engage in manual clamping. Our clamps fit onto your existing Millhog equipment. Compatible models include Ground, Mongoose, Tube Weasel, Wart, and Prepzilla.

2. Cutter blades

 Standard Esco cutter blades are titanium nitride (TiN) coated for long life. For very long life, they can be supplied with a hard lube coating, over the TiN. All blades have a unique chip breaker for cooler operation and long life.

Esco blades feature the patented “ESCOLOCK” which ensures a very tight grip of the blade which eliminates chatter. Standard bevel profiles are in stock, as well as facing and J prep. Special profiles are available. Esco blades work on all pipe materials without cutting oil.

3. Membrane removal head

The long-life design of membrane removal heads from ESCO makes them the right choice for you. The proprietary inserts are shaped like golf tees, making them easy to rotate so they can utilize their full 360-degree cutting edge. Inserts are held by the taper, with no screws to lose.

The tool performs membrane removal and beveling simultaneously to save time. Minimal vibration reduces heat and promotes a long life.

Benefits of Having Pipe Beveling Accessories Onsite

It’s important to have your pipe beveling accessories right there with you. Air clamps help increase productivity. Spare blades prevent delays if you need to replace one on the spot. Membrane removal heads are important for completing end prep tasks onsite. Don’t be caught without the necessary pipe beveling accessories when you need them most! We always ship extra blades with rental tools, which can be returned for credit, if unused.

Shop The Best Pipe Beveling Tools in the Market at Ultra Torq

Not sure which pipe beveler accessories you need? We can help you determine exactly what you require to get the job done properly, on time, and under budget. Please contact us today to request a demo.