Prepzilla MILLHOG® Pipe Beveling Tool – ESCO Tools

From the company that developed the first portable end prep tool as part of the Triton Nuclear Submarine program in the 1950s, ESCO Tool Company is the leading innovator of tools for end prep of high pressure, high temperature hard alloy tubing. Their pipe beveling tools provide the highest power-to-weight ratio available with proprietary designs made specifically for work in difficult, confined spaces. ESCO tools are found in the most challenging work environments including oil and gas platforms, refineries and power generation sites.

Prepzilla MILLHOG® – Designed for Rugged Offshore Use

ESCO Tool’s Prepzilla MILLHOG® P-300W Pipe Beveling Tool is the perfect example of their innovative engineered designs. Its combination of a 2-HP pneumatic motor and extreme-duty gear reduction drive delivers operational speed with 1,500 lbs. of cutting torque. Clamp ribs and pads permit work on pipe or tubing in any diameter from 1.575 inch I.D. to 8.625 inch O.D. End prep of any class of pipe or tubing, including difficult alloys such as stainless steel, Super Duplex and P-91, is performed effortlessly at any required angle.


The Prepzilla MILLHOG® bevels, bores and faces hard to machine pipe with features to ensure a perfect cut, operator convenience and unmatched reliability:

• A single mandrel and eight sets of clamps and ribs cover the full range of pipe sizes
• A dual-threaded clamp design ensures operational stability
• End preps can be made with any angle on any wall diameter
• Draw-rod assemblies are self-centering to ensure a perfect cut
• Titanium Nitride coated cutting blades and the EscoLock™ blade lock system reduce cutting heat
• Thick cutting chips eliminate the need for lubricating or cooling fluids
• Long life is guaranteed by dual opposed, tapered roller bearings
• Low RPM and low operator torque means easy handling
• The exhaust directs air away from the operator

In addition to the features above, the Prepzilla MILLHOG® P-300W can be fitted with two cutter blades and an additional tool post to combine preparation steps. The P-300EW is an electric drive model, which provides the same operating features as the P-300W using an 1800-watt pneumatic motor that takes power from 120 or 240 VAC outlets.

Components and Specifications

Every Prepzilla tool kit includes the following components:

• Gear head and feed mechanism
• 2-HP pneumatic motor
• Mandrel and tool post
• Draw rod assembly
• Air hose, couplings, filter and oiler
• All-metal Case

For the P-300W, an air supply delivering 80 CFM and 90 PSI is required. The P-300EW operates from 110/120 VAC or 230 VAC with factory modification.

Field-Proven Reliability Makes ESCO Tools the Smart Choice

Because ESCO’s pipe beveling tools are offered for sale or rent, they have had a distinct advantage in refining their tools over the years. They carefully analyze their rental tools to evaluate component wear and possible assembly or performance issues. This analysis gives real-life feedback to their engineers, who strive for continuous improvement in every tool line.

Since the 1950s, ESCO Tool Company’s solution-centered philosophy has resulted in a long line of extreme-duty, cost-effective tools for any industry that requires the preparation of hard alloy pipe and tubing. They select the best components available worldwide to build incredibly robust housings and gear drives.

A Leader in Pipe Beveling

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