4 Orbital Cutting Tools You Need to Know About


To achieve more productivity, orbital cutting tools will transform the way you operate.

Orbital cutting tools are designed to improve accuracy, repeatability and productivity, which allows operators to work for longer periods of time.

Ultra Torq carries AXXAIR orbital cutting products, which are high quality pipe fabrication tools guaranteed to deliver precision time and again.

Why Orbital Cutting Tools from AXXAIR?

Orbital cutting with AXXAIR is faster and more efficient than other conventional cutting tools, and high-quality cutting is guaranteed.

With orbital cutting you can obtain:

  • Perfect straight cuts of the tube without fatigue
  • Clean cuts without burrs
  • Quick cutting (AXXAIR tools only need about 30 seconds, as opposed to the standard 1:30)
  • Repeatable process without errors
  • System can be operated by a qualified worker without any problems
  • Investment for a period of 15+ years
  • Amortized within one year
  • Gain in productivity


Top 3 Reasons AXXAIR Orbital Cutting Tools Are Leading the Industry

 1. Productivity

AXXAIR orbital cutting tools are quickly and easily scalable for beveling and orbital welding, thus increasing flexibility and productivity.

2. Quality

High-quality cutting is guaranteed by orbital cutting machines, where the saw blade rotates around the tube. This allows the tube geometry to remain intact without any tube distortion, clamping, or cutting forces.

3. Portability

AXXAIR orbital cutting tools are portable, and easy to move and use in workshops or on-site.


Newest Orbital Cutting Tools on the Market

For over 16 years, AXXAIR has been developing and providing users with tools of the highest quality. Improvements to their CCx22 orbital cutting range has resulted in a major product overhaul and the addition of four revolutionary cutting tools: 122, 172, 222, and 322.

Improvements You Can Expect from the AXXAIR Orbital Cutting Range

With the four new products in the CCx22 orbital cutting range, the level of quality is higher than ever before and stability has been drastically improved. Here are improvements you can expect from the 122, 172, 222, and 322 models.

  • Easy Handling — “Lifting Eye” added for ease of use in a workshop or on-site settings.
  • Robustness — A more effective clamping system (+30%) with an endless screw engaging directly with the cam lock.
  • Easy Maintenance and Inspection — Internal clamping components are lubricated using a greaser.
  • Perfect Seal Against Chips — Improved system of sealing against chips, and all rotating parts are incorporated into the body.
  • No Tube Distortion — Concentric clamping, stainless steel basic and auxiliary jaws as standard.
  • Uptake — Dual output cutting motor with two blade positions.
  • Cutting Precision — Perpendicularity of <0.25 mm.
  • Reduced Vibration and Increased Blade Life — Optimized blade-to-jaw distance (2mm-16mm)
  • Cutting Capacity — Up to a wall thickness of 12.7 mm
  • Scalability — Orbital cutter can be transformed into an orbital beveling and welding machine.
  • Continuous Use — Electric rotary seal with an anti-twist cable for increased productivity.
  • Easy Handling and Transportation — All AXXAIR motors are supplied in their own individual cases and accompanying tools.


Getting Your Next AXXAIR Equipment from Ultra Torq

Ultra Torq’s goal is to supply our customers across Eastern Canada with cost-saving orbital systems solutions.

Whether you’re cutting tubes or pipes, Ultra Torq carries the largest and most comprehensive supply of the latest AXXAIR orbital cutting tools.

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