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Tube Spears

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Product Description

Tube Spears that Simplify Removal

Our strong and versatile tube spears will make your removal quick and effortless. You can select a model for use on a variety of gauges, from 7-8 to 20, and employ them for all of your finfan, cooler, exchanger, and condenser construction and maintenance.

The spears are easily connected and disconnected to your puller with a hand or ratchet wrench, and once you attach it to your puller, you will find it easy to loosen the stubborn tube.


  • Fabricated to minimize the chance of the spear end breaking inside the tube
  • Compatible with all EGI pulling equipment
  • Saves time during removal
  • Designed to provide an extended lifetime

EGI tools are highly regarded as the top brand providing tube equipment for a variety of industries. You can rely on EGI to consistently provide long-lasting equipment offering high quality fabrication from resilient raw materials. When you use premium equipment, you will save the time and money spent on maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

Order your tube spears today and enjoy easy, struggle-free tube removal.


Tube Spears