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Product Description

Vacuum Leak Testers Easily Locate Tubes for Replacement

The Vacuum leak tester KVLD-3000 is the only tool you need to discover your leaky tubes that require plugging or replacement. Using vacuum technology, the tester gives a reading for each tube that it is inserted into. A steady reading indicates that the tube is well sealed, while a drop in the reading is indicative of a punctured or leaking tube.

The tool is easy to operate, whether you are dealing with boiler, condenser, or heat exchanger maintenance, and it will decrease the time and frustration of locating holey tubes.


  • Almost instantly notifies you of problem tubes
  • Easy to read vacuum gauge makes diagnosis simple
  • Lightweight and muffled exhaust ensure comfortable operation

How it Works

  • Plug the far end of the tube that you are testing
  • Insert tester nozzle
  • Activate trigger until desired reading is achieved
  • Release trigger
  • Observe reading- if steady, there are no leaks
  • Repeat with other tubes


  • Suitable for use with tube sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 3 inch (6.3 mm-76.2 mm)
  • Minimum 90 PSI request air requirement
  • Air consumption of 26 CFM
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs (1,2 kg)

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