Tube Guides

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Product Description

Simplify your Tube Bundle Assembling with Tube Guides

Make your bundle assembly more efficient by using nylon brush guides to lead your tubes through the sheet and support plates with ease. You can select a steel, aluminum, or plastic tapered head that acts as the pilot. The replaceable nylon brush is inserted into the end of the vessel to hold the pilot in place.


  • Select from three tool materials to best support your pipe size and weight
  • Decrease your time spent struggling to insert tube into sheet or support plates
  • Eliminate the frustration of bundle assembly

How it Works

Insert the brush end firmly into the vessel, leaving the tapered end pointing towards the support plates or sheet. Move the tapered pilot head into the sheet opening and your tube is steered into its place with little effort.

Order your tube guides today and make your assembly tasks quicker and more efficient. 


Tube Guides