Ultra Torq Favourites: The Best Tools for Off-Road Construction

With the challenging terrains and unique demands of off-road construction projects, it’s crucial to equip yourself with tools that can withstand these rigorous conditions while delivering the highest performance. We’ve researched and tested various tools for off-road construction and curated a list of our favourites.

Meet the Demanding Performance Requirements with the RAD 15DX-NX

Off-road heavy construction equipment is required to meet the toughest performance standards under some of the most adverse conditions imaginable. Trucks, crawlers, shovels, scrapers, graders, bulldozers and wheel loaders must be built to withstand extreme temperatures, dirt, mud and sand while working with extremely heavy loads.

Heavy equipment manufacturers’ designs must ensure durable, robust and safe operation in diverse applications such as earth moving, excavation or mining. Downtime is costly, so efficient equipment maintenance and repair is vital. Heavy off-road equipment mechanics trained for dealing with high-power and high-torque machinery require specialized, maximum-performance tools to perform their job quickly and safely.

Flexible, Safe and Accurate Fastener Installation and Removal

RAD® torque wrenches are expertly engineered to provide safe and accurate heavy fastener removal and installation for a wide variety of applications. Their patented planetary gear reduction drive has an industry-leading power-to-weight ratio unmatched by other pneumatic bolt torque systems. RAD® torque wrenches deliver up to 8500 ft. lbs. of torque with 3 percent to 5 percent accuracy.

Besides pneumatic power, their torque wrench product lineup includes battery-powered, electric and electronic tools that provide heavy equipment mechanics maximum flexibility under the harshest conditions and the tightest schedules.

The RAD® 15DX-NX

The RAD® 15DX-NX pneumatic torque wrench is specifically developed for the conditions of off-road construction equipment repair and maintenance though it is utilized in many other applications. Its rugged, ergonomic design delivers maximum flexibility and power. Each wrench comes with three reaction arms and a 12” extension for those hard-to-reach components such as wheel bolts.

Despite weighing less than 9 lbs., it delivers from 300 to 1500 ft. lbs. of torque at 10 RPM. Its slim profile makes it suitable where clearances are tight. Bolt or nut damage is avoided since the RAD® 15DX-NX is a zero hammering tool. Every model of RAD® torque wrench is delivered as a turnkey solution kit, which includes a cage, hose assembly, reaction arms and extender in a durable case.

Regardless of the application, such as wheel nuts, rod nuts, pipe flanges, gearboxes, engines and more, RAD® tools help more construction equipment mechanics perform their tasks quickly and safely in more applications than comparable tools on the market.

Tools Designed for Maximum Uptime

The unique and harsh demands that heavy off-road construction equipment must meet put pressure on operators and construction managers to perform at peak efficiency. For the equipment mechanic, choosing the right tools for the repair and maintenance of expensive equipment ensures those demands are met.

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