Why a Longer Warranty Means a Better Tool

Why a Longer Warranty Means a Better Tool

It may not have much to do with the final result of a job, but a warranty is one of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new tool. The industrial sector is rife with unexpected issues that can arise at any time over the course of a project, and often times these can involve the breakdown of a tool that’s essential to the job. If it can’t be fixed on-site, or by any of the contractors involved, a warranty can be a serious help – and the longer it lasts, the better for the buyer.

But does a longer warranty necessarily mean a better tool? Does the guarantee that if something goes wrong, you’ll have it fixed free of charge, mean that the product itself is higher quality? Many contractors don’t consider this, as it’s difficult to see any direct link between a manufacturer’s guarantee and the superiority of what they sell – in fact, some may believe that a long warranty is a sure sign of a shoddy tool, because the idea that it will get repaired for free, no questions asked, may mean that it’s definitely going to cause problems at some point down the line.

Day to Day

Contractors that work with this concern can put it aside, because the fact is that a longer warranty may actually mean a better tool in the long run. For one thing, if a manufacturer offers a product that comes with a 12 month or longer warranty, they’re running the risk of lost time and profits if something does go wrong with it during its use in a project. They’re not telling you it’s guaranteed to break – quite the opposite. They believe in its ability to tackle not just one job, but multiple projects over a span of many months or years, so firmly that they’re willing to take the hit themselves if it doesn’t live up to that promise.

Another aspect to consider is the position of the manufacturer within their industry and the authority its name carries. If it’s providing tools and equipment to multiple contractors for multiple projects, they know any issues that arise will come back and put them in a bad light. Since a longer warranty implies the company is certain a tool will last as long as it should, it’s probably not something they’re willing to risk – otherwise, they’d tell you that if you break it, you pay for its repairs.

A company that believes in its products is very likely to offer you the guarantee that the lifespan is as long as advertised, and that their innovation and durability is a promise it’s willing to back up. The manufacturer is not just putting your projects on the line, but putting profits and its brand name at risk, too.

If you’re looking for something new to help you with your next project, whether it’s a single tool or a whole set, look for the manufacturers that offer longer warranties. Chance are they’re the ones that build some of the best, longest-lasting and most reliable tools on the market – and they’ll be the first to tell you that you can bet on it.

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