The Benefits of Renting Torque Tools

Torque tools can be expensive to own. That’s why renting them is a great alternative! At Ultra Torq, we strive to make our rental services seamless, timely and affordable, so you can get the tools you need to get the job done.  

Here are the benefits of renting with us:  

Convenient Shipping 

 We ship our tools for your convenience. Provide us with your address and the date you need the tool, and it will be delivered directly to you! If you need the tool urgently, we can use expedited shipping.  

Customized Assistance 

 At Ultra Torq, our experienced team helps each customer with their unique needs. We work with you to identify what tool or equipment will work best with your application to offer maximum safety & productivityYou can be confident you’re getting the best tool for your needs 

Guaranteed Performance 

 At Ultra Torq all tools are fully inspected & tested upon return, ensuring everything is in proper working order for the next rental. Our top-quality tools are all certified for safety and performance, and we test all of our tools before shipping them to ensure that they meet the catalogue specs.  

Rent the Top Brands 

 At Ultra Torq, we offer tools from the following top brands:  

 We only work with the top brands in the business because quality is important to us. Over time our team has come to rely on these brands for their quality and durability. We know you won’t be disappointed with how these tools perform 

Flexible Rental Period 

 We know that some projects are short term, and other projects may last months, which is why we rent our tools on an as-needed basis without limitations. We can offer weekly rental as well as long term rental (monthly) dependent on your job requirements.  

Jobsite Training & Supervision Services   

 If this is your team’s first experience with one of our rental tools, it may take some time before you feel comfortable working with it. Safety is our priority, which is why we offer free job site training to ensure your employees can complete their tasks safely and efficientlyJobsite supervision service can also be offered if required. 

 Ready to rent? Contact us today to start the process!