At Ultra Torq we are currently offering a great promotion on two demonstrator Axxair saw and beveller units. Both the Model 121 which offers range for ¼” to 4.5” OD and the Model 171 which offers range from 5/8” to 6 5/8” OD. CC171

This machine has three applications which enable it to change from cutting to bevelling within two minutes, which can greatly improve your production times. The three applications include one for cutting, one for bevelling and one for welding. Don’t get slowed down working on projects by having to change tools – this one can do it all.

This machine makes a great addition to your tool kit.

Benefits and Features of Axxair Precision Saws and Bevellers

The Axxair Precision Saw and Beveller provides many features and benefits as one machine with three applications:

  • Saw can cut squares within 10 thou of perpendicular
  • Hand wheel improves cut consistency and quality
  • Consistent clamping is a result of four stainless jaws
  • Clamps very close to blade to reduce chatter and prolong blade life
  • Very light weight (121 is 82lbs, 171 is 98lbs)
  • Quick interchange for motors
  • Saw blade tooth design can clear out chips
  • Bevel uses indexable carbide inserts
  • Special seals eliminate the need to cleanout chips from the frame.

You can’t go wrong with one machine and three applications. This machine offers you convenience and versatility.

So, What’s the Deal? male-hand-holding-megaphone-with-discount-20-off-speech-bubble-for-vector-id1009155412

If you aren’t already convinced that you need this machine in your life, you will be when we tell you that at Ultra Torq we are offering a 20% discount on the Model 121 and Model 171 models. This is a deal you won’t want to miss as it doesn’t come around often. Call us today at 450-562-9449 for more information.