Save Money on Torque Tools by Playing the Long Game

Torque Tools on table - Save Money on Torque Tools by Playing the Long Game

Did you know you can save money by spending more? It sounds contradictory, but when it comes to heavy-duty tools, you really want to be investing in quality. In this article, we explain how you can save money on torque tools by spending a little more upfront on premium equipment that won’t fail nearly as fast as competitors.

A Common Concern of Our Customers

Customer: I looked over your catalogue and pricing, and this Stahlwille stuff is well out of the price range of what we can buy. There’s no hope of us buying tools that are, in several cases, more than double the price of tools we currently purchase.

The No-Nonsense Truth

Our Response: It’s a very common concern and one we’re eager to address whenever it pops up. We’ll say it upfront. The price differential between Stahlwille tools and, for example, Snap On (CDI) is double to 2.5x more expensive, depending on the specific tool and configuration.

Customers are well aware of the failure rates on CDI, Norbar and Proto. We can provide you with a longer-lasting, higher-performance tool.

Key Benefits of Our Torque Tools

At Ultra Torq, we recommend Stahlwille and this is why:

  • 730N is easier to read and set, so have greater accuracy
  • 730D vastly outperforms any other digital wrench, plus it clocks and has onboard memory
  • No one else has a clicking TYPE II digital wrench

Save More with Fewer Tools Needed

On top of that, Stahlwille tools are only 2x more expensive when you don’t add inserts to other brands. If a customer buys a 730D, for example, he or she is covered for the torque range of two mechanical wrenches (for example 90-900 in.lbs). Now include a ¼”, 3/8” and ½” ratchet insert.

For comparable coverage, the customer would require 6 independent torque wrenches. I’ll say that again for emphasis. 6 torque wrenches. And that’s calibration for all 6 wrenches too.

  • Average calibration cost per wrench per year is $100
  • Total calibration cost to cover a comparable range is $600
  • Total calibration for Stahlwille 730D is $500 cheaper

Realistically customers always buy more than one wrench, but it gets pretty compelling once you look at the math with the inserts. Most of our eventual buyers are blown away by the cost of ownership.

Stahlwille: Big Claims – And True

Major aircraft manufacturers and owners have experienced as much as a 30% per year disposal rate on competing torque wrenches. No organization has replaced a Stahlwille wrench over the last 8 years. Not one.

These high-tech industry leaders use Stahlwille because of the demonstrated significant cost savings vs. other products. NASA makes the 730D and 730N primary tools on the space shuttle, and the 730D is the only torque wrench to have passed two Six Sigma aerospace studies.

Aerospace giants recommend Stahlwille. Wind turbine manufacturers recommend Stahlwille. We recommend Stahlwille.

Save Money on Torque Tools at Ultra Torq

The initial cost is always the easiest excuse to avoid purchasing something. But the cost of ownership and performance are the real factors to look at. If any customer needs traceability and accountability, as we think every customer does, the 730D and 714 series Stahlwille torque wrenches are completely unmatched in the industry.

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