RAD Smart-Socket: You Need a New Way to Audit Extreme Torque Loads

Step into a new era of auditing extreme torque loads, where simplicity meets precision. Ready for a game-changer? Let’s delve into the capabilities of the RAD Smart-Socket.

A Better Tool for Recording Torque

The RAD Smart-Socket has simplified industrial bolting with reliable, accurate and traceable technology.

In the industrial construction of large components such as wind towers, power plants, refineries or mining equipment, the application of extremely high torques for fasteners is common in order to meet engineered clamp loads. Additionally, torque loads must be precise to guarantee the integrity of the fastener and joint. To ensure a structure is ready for work, these loads must be verified by direct measurement.

Until recently, it was common for workers to use annular or in-line torque transducers to make such measurements, but these instruments are heavy, awkward and difficult to use in the field. Now, torque audits are easy with a new torque measurement device called the RAD Smart-Socket.

Innovation in Torque Measurement

New World Technologies Inc., a Canadian manufacturer known globally for its advanced torque tools, has come up with the perfect solution for torque load audits. The RAD Smart-Socket is small, light and easy to use. It combines a hex socket with a built-in, highly accurate transducer. Their innovative, patented design eliminates the need for more expensive, cumbersome torque measurement devices on the job.

Supervisors love the convenience of the RAD Smart-Socket for on-site torque recordings that can be downloaded at the end of a shift.

11 Features of the RAD Smart-Socket

  1. Its size and weight is comparable to a standard socket. This makes it especially convenient for tower work.
  2. It fits any standard socket drive of 1 inch. No special adapters or tools are required.
  3. Measure peak torques from 75 to 8,000 lbs. depending on the model.
  4. Torque is reported in ft-lbs. or Nm.
  5. Up to 750 torque tests can be stored before uploading to a computer.
  6. Target Mode indicates pass or fail according to user-configured targets.
  7. Configuration is via RAD software running on Windows.
  8. Connection to the computer is via a standard USB cable.
  9. With a continuous connection to a computer, tests can be monitored in real-time.
  10. Measurement tolerance is less than 1 percent of the full measurement scale. It is an ideal instrument for calibrating other torque tools.
  11. Seven hex sizes are available to cover the most extreme-duty bolt sizes.

Using the RAD Smart-Socket

A standard USB cable connects the RAD Smart-Socket and Windows-based computer. Supervisors configure all torque parameters and the measurement mode via the RAD software. After measurements are taken, a detailed log is uploaded to the computer. Each log entry corresponds to one torque test, and includes a time stamp, measured and target torque, plus a pass/fail indication. The log information is ideal for adding to joint integrity records.

In the field, torque readings are read directly from the backlit LCD display on the side of the RAD Smart-Socket. In Audit Mode, the peak torque load of a fastener is read out directly. If the tool has been configured in Target Mode, the torque reading and either a ‘P’ or ‘F’ is displayed depending on whether the measured torque is within the specified minimum and maximum load targets set via the configuration software. The letter indicator in the LED display is reinforced with red and green LEDs.

The Best Torque Tools in the Industry

The RAD Smart-Socket series is only one of the high-quality, extreme-duty products offered by New World Technologies, Inc. It is the ideal complement to all of their innovative torque wrenches series, such as the Gen-X Pneumatic, E-RAD Electric, V-RAD Electronic and B-RAD battery series of wrenches. Their wrenches deliver the highest power-to-weight ratio in the industry, equal power in forward and reverse rotation and industry-best calibration to NIST standards. Their commitment to innovation and investment in technology is the reason they can boast that their tools are lighter, faster and stronger than those of their competitors.

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