5 Reasons to Choose Automated Orbital TIG Welding



Orbital TIG welding requires a high level skill and experience to produce great results.

But productivity and high quality welds are important, and even the most skilled and experienced manual welder sometimes falls short in the productivity category (because of the precise nature of the work).

Automated welding with Axxair welding equipment offers an effective strategy to meet these requirements on your job site.

What are the advantages of automated orbital TIG welding?

High quality welds

You get a much better quality final weld with automated TIG welding compared to manual welding. That isn’t to say welds produced manually are always poor quality, but the number of discarded tubes or identified defects is higher than you will find with automated orbital TIG welding.



Operating orbital welding equipment is possible without a long and tedious training program.

Orbital welding proficiency does not require you come from an accomplished welding background. Training sessions are typically much shorter and easier compared to those of a specialized welder. This means a gain in terms of labour costs and in deploying the welding teams.

Sometimes, training can be as quick as 2 days.


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Superior productivity

Automated orbital TIG welding improves workplace productivity over manual welding.

Welding tasks can be registered and repeated any time. Manual welding is influenced by a constellation of factors, including time of day, worker fatigue, light, worker position, and more. Automated TIG welding circumvents these factors and can be repeated by the equipment as often as required in the future.


Excellent functionality in confined spaces

Orbital welding equipment allows welding in all situations:

  • Confined spaces
  • Low visibility
  • High-risk environments

Welding can be performed from a remote location and a special welding camera can be added to the equipment, reducing any risk for the operators.

Monitoring and traceability

Orbital welding equipment allows detailed and reliable recording of each weld.

Every welding parameter is registered, the welds can be repeated any time by means of the data acquisition of each weld.

What are you waiting for?

Yes, orbital TIG welding requires an investment if you want to automatize welding, but the return on investment is achieved quickly by the high quality of the welds that automated welding provides, as well as the increase in productivity.

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