E-RAD Torque Control Bolting


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Product Description

ERAD Torque Control Bolting Tools for Reliable Electronic Bolting

ERAD Torque Control Bolting tools are the most advanced handheld electronic wrenches on the market. Replace your old reaction bar technology with a torque gun that increases your efficiency, and makes your job easier.

Use ERAD tools and work smarter, not harder

  • Industries highest power to weight ratio
  • High precision bolting
  • Accuracy of +/-3%
  • Repeatability of +/- 2%
  • User friendly- ergonomic, lightweight, and quiet
  • Data collection and push-button setting selection for your convenience
  • Offers the ability to dial in torque in metric or imperial

Software for Data Collection

You are able to track all of your torque applications with the software installed in the ERAD series. Each of your completed sequences is completely traceable.

Indicator Lights

Want to see if you’ve reached your desired torque, quickly and easily? The red and green indicator lights can show you the status of your application at a glance.

Lowest Noise Level on the market

Operating at a noise level of only 75 decibels, ERAD tools are significantly quieter than other torque tools. Because of this, these tools are most comfortable for the operator, and suitable for sensitive environments.

RAD Controllers

With our quality controller, you have the options to fully define torque or angle, or torque and angle sequence, and the ability to save your defined settings. Using a removable key, you are able to lock out all of your defined settings.This controller is capable of basic data collection.

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