What Are Pneumatic Tools? Everything You Need to Know

So, what are pneumatic tools, and why are they celebrated in the industrial sector? To achieve more productivity with less manpower, pneumatic tools will transform the way you operate. And for industries where precision and power are critical, pneumatic tools will stand up to even your most heavy-duty uses.

In this post, we answer your commonly asked questions while also providing recommendations for our best air-powered tools.

What makes pneumatic tools great?

  1. High Power Tools – Pneumatic tools are engineered to provide the most impressive power-to-weight ratio. Pneumatic tools reduce the costs of labour, maintenance, and production for virtually any commercial or industrial business.
  2. Saves Time – When you’re working with industrial tools, the last thing you want to think about is whether your tool will work properly, or take more time out of your work day. Luckily, removing or tightening fasteners and bolts can be done much more efficiently with RAD’s pneumatic tools.
  3. Precise & Safe – If improving operational safety, performance, and consistency is high on your list, pneumatic tools can help you achieve that. For improved safety, ergonomic features reduce physical demands and minimize the possibility of workplace injury.

What are pneumatic tools used for?

Pneumatic tools can be used for applications in virtually every industry, including:

  • Petrochemical
  • Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Mining
  • Automotive Repair
  • and more

Are pneumatic tools more powerful than electric ones?

Generally, pneumatic tools can deliver more torque and RPM than a similarly sized electric tool, making them more powerful for certain tasks. However, they require a constant supply of compressed air to function, which might not always be convenient.

How do I maintain my pneumatic tools?

Maintaining pneumatic tools involves regular cleaning, appropriate lubrication with recommended oil, using the correct air pressure, routinely inspecting for wear and tear, and ensuring a dry air supply. Following these practices enhances tool efficiency, safety, and lifespan. Always refer to your tool’s manual for specific guidance.

Do all pneumatic tools require oil?

Not all pneumatic tools require oil. Some are designed to be ‘oil-free’ for clean operation. However, many pneumatic tools do need regular lubrication to function efficiently and extend their lifespan. Always refer to the tool’s user manual for specific guidance.

The Best Pneumatic Tools Available At Ultra Torq

Ultra Torq’s pneumatic tools help operators accomplish more in less time, with less effort. Our lightweight and high RPM pneumatic tools will not only help your operations succeed, but they will increase your worker productivity as well.

torque tools canadaWith Ultra Torq’s many years of industry experience and knowledge, we are proud to distribute the highly reputed equipment of RAD Torque Systems, so you will always receive:

  • Continuous rotation tightening or loosening
  • Quick, compact, and safe for fast joint assembly
  • High-performance gears to produce high loads with low wear

RAD Pneumatic Tools

As an industry leader in pneumatic tensioning, RAD Torque Systems is well known for developing tools that deliver the quickest results.

Here are the most reliable pneumatic tools to increase your productivity:

All RAD pneumatic tools include:

  • Retention ring and reaction arm
  • Ergonomic regulator cage
  • 12’ hose with fittings
  • Digital manual

Want To Learn More?

It’s no secret that using the right bolting tools can drastically decrease the time you spend tightening and removing fasteners – so why aren’t more people utilizing pneumatic tools?

If you need pneumatic tools for your jobs, contact Ultra Torq to speak with one of our experts about how you can get a FREE demo!