Torque Tool Training Easy Enough to Deliver Over the Phone

The right tool can earn your business far more than the tool’s purchase price

We can tell you all day how good our products are, but don’t take our word for it.

Let the results speak for themselves.

An established contractor runs into a problem

Our customer, Dark Energy Solutions, was challenged to secure a bolting contract from a major corporation.

They had to quote a project wherein they would provide real time bolting data acquisition, during bolting operations. Despite being well established in the industry, Dark Energy wasn’t aware of tool technology capable of meeting this requirement.

They almost missed out on the contract, before they contacted us and we suggested they try TORQ-COMM.

Torq Comm ToolsWithin seven days, Dark Energy had a Commander XT1000 unit in hand.

Training delivered over the phone

Because of the short time frame, training had to be over the phone.  Even without being computer literate, due to the user friendliness of the product, even workers that were not computer literate mastered the use of TORQ-COMM.

In no time at all, Dark Energy was on site, completing the bolting operations. The end user was delighted that they could watch the bolting operation:

  • Real time
  • Per bolt
  • And store data like date, time, GPS location, operator and tool identification for later review.

The ability to review torque applied by bolt location was exactly what the customer wanted.

Dark Energy contact Aaron V. says, “The system was easy to set up and use, and the support was phenomenal. Justification is a no brainer. I can’t say enough about this system and I believe it will revolutionize the bolting industry. Highly recommended!”

When you need a function and don’t know the best tool to bring it to your job site, give us a call. We’ll help you find it (and maybe land that big contract too).