Convenience and Maintenance of Battery Powered Bolting Tools

battery powered bolting tools

Batteries provide a range of mobility and convenience for your battery powered bolting tools. Without restrictions of plugged in power, you’re able to move bolting tools freely around for a wide range of projects without the hazards of cords or worry about whether there’s an available outlet.

However, batteries can still die unexpectedly, whether due to insufficient charge or improper battery and tool care. Taking proper care of your battery powered bolting tools can help make sure you don’t end up in an unfortunate situation without any power.

How to Take Care of Batteries for Battery Powered Bolting Tools

Safe Storage

Make sure you store your power tools in a clean, dry space, and in a safe area preferably off the ground. Just like other batteries, power tool batteries can become damaged or corroded when they are exposed to moisture and putting silica gel packs in your storage area can help reduce this moisture.

Regular Cleaning and Use

You may not think about cleaning your power tools, especially when they still appear relatively clean after a job, or because you’ll be using them again soon and they’ll simply get dusty again anyway. However, you should try and clean your power tools after every use. Dust particles or other dirt can be hard to see on the surface but can work its way into the battery back to cause issues or malfunction.

Also, keep in mind that battery life can actually decrease if it’s not being used, so it’s a good idea to try and put power tools to work as much as possible.

Proper Lubrication

Lubricating the moving parts of power tools can help them work more efficiently. With proper lubrication, the power tool will not have to work as hard and can save some battery life. It also prevents increase in wear and tear, and from power tools constantly overheating and damaging the battery.

Careful Examination

Finally, make sure you take a close look at your power tool battery every once and a while. Check that there are no signs of corrosion, cracking or damage. If your battery is dying faster than it usually does, this can be an obvious sign that it is time for a new battery.

For more tips on extending your battery life or choosing bolting tools, be sure to contact us at Ultra Torq. We’re happy to help!