All You Need to Know About Battery Operated Torque Wrenches (VIDEO)

Give yourself an edge with the world’s first digital, cordless, lithium-ion programmable torque wrench.

DB-RAD battery operated torque wrenches feature a digital display and single increment torque settings, making it easy to read and operate.

Battery torque guns offer better safety


When you’re on the job, the last thing you want to be thinking about is tripping over air or hydraulic lines.

With battery operated torque wrenches, you will never have to worry again.

When are battery operated torque wrenches useful?

The simple answer is: all the time. More specifically:

  • When you’re working remotely, and don’t have access to electricity or compressed air
  • For a quick job that takes less time than assembling your pneumatic tools

All of the features and benefits of regular tools – and more

The DB-RAD battery torque guns incorporate all of the features and benefits of the regular tool series to exceed your expectations.

Just what exactly does a battery powered tool have to offer? Well…

  • Suited for both heavy and light duty operations
  • Single speed and high speed models are available
  • Ergonomic design decreases chances of injury and is comfortable to use for long periods of time
  • For use with any wheel configuration
  • NIST calibrated
  • No cords or hassle

To put it simply: battery powered torque wrenches offer the ultimate convenience.

The world’s first digital, programmable battery torque gun

Technology is changing the way we operate, and if you want your operations to be successful, you need to keep up with these changes.

Digital, cordless, battery powered is one of the most convenient and innovative methods of torquing.

  • Ideal for applications where compressed air or electricity is not readily available
  • Unbeatable power, versatility, and reliability in a lightweight portable tool
  • Digital display with programmable settings with a pistol, ergonomic grip
  • Capable of accuracy of +/-5% and repeatability of +/-2%

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When you’re on the job, time is of the essence. And when your tools are out of commission, so are you.

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