Orbital Tube Cutting

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Product Description

Versatile orbital tool for precision cutting

The AXXAIR CC171 uses the best in orbital design and technology to allow for clean, accurate cuts each and every time you use it.

The AXXAIR CC171 can also be transformed into a bevelling and orbital welding machine. It also features a dual-output cutting motor with 2 uptake blade positions.


  • Blade-jaw distance of 1/2”reduces vibration and tube distortion
  • Concentric clamping using 4 stainless steel jaws to help lower tube distortion
  • Motor-control options, including high and low speeds or pneumatic
  • Standard rotation handle lengthens blade life and improves cutting accuracy
  • Perpendicular cutting for precise cuts < 0.009”

Portable, lightweight and easy to use

An effective cutting solution for pipes 1/2”-6”, the AXXAIR CC171 allows your workers to make more cuts per day while reducing fatigue and stress on both operator and tool.

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  • RANGE: 15mm to 171mm
  • DIMENSIONS (HxLxI): 18.7×21.5×11.7
  • WEIGHT: 44kg/97lbs