Stud Remover

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Product Description

Studmate Stud Remover

Dealing with a frozen stud, but dreading the search for your bulky stud remover and specialty removal tools? The Studmate remover tool is compact; it is the same dimension of the nut that you are removing, and it requires no special tools, allowing you to stop wasting time trying to loosen a stubborn fastener.

The Studmate simplifies your tasks

  • Specific models are available for heavy duty applications
  • Convenient lightweight carry case
  • Available in metric and imperial measurements
  • No special tools required- compatible with all conventional bolting tools 
  • Available in 12-piece, 18-piece, 17-piece sets
  • Available in 6 and 12 points (add 12pt to part number for 12 point)

How it Works

  • Thread it on as you would a hex nut
  • Tighten the six screws on the remover
  • Use the tools you already have- like a standard wrench- to loosen

Order your Studmate Remover tool today for express delivery and stop wasting time with your frozen fasteners.


Studmate wheel Stud Removal tool