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Condenser Tube Expanders - Sugar Refinery

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Product Description

Special Purpose Sugar Refinery Tube Expander

Achieve flawless results for your maintenance and construction of sugar refinery tubes by ordering a custom tube expander. Our fast turnaround time will ensure that you have little down time awaiting your new equipment.

Quality engineering and durable materials ensure that you will get an extended tool life from your custom equipment. Designed with the rigors of sugar refinery tube maintenance in mind, your durable expander will stand up to heavy use, providing you fast and error-free results.


  • Self feeding parallel rolling for ease of use and consistency
  • Made custom for your vessel size
  • Offers versatility and may be power or hand driven
  • Fast acting operation
  • Provides consistent, dependable results


Specifications Required for Custom Order

  • Tube size
  • Distance over tube plates
  • Plate thickness
  • Projection details
  • Diagram of the vessel

Order custom condenser tube expanders for sugar refinery use today and receive rush delivery.