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Tube Expander – Ultra Torq tubing tools

Quality tools ensure flawless removal, installation and maintenance.

Top-of-the-line tube tools ensure efficient installation, repair and maintenance of tubes in industrial boilers and heat exchangers for a broad spectrum of industries. Tube assembly, expansion, alignment or removal, Ultra Torq sells and rents high quality tube tools that will increase the effectiveness of all your operations.

Request more information about buying or renting an Ultra Torq tube expander, and related equipment in Eastern Canada.

Which industries do we serve?

  • Oil refineries
  • Chemical plants
  • Paper and pulp industry
  • Refrigeration
  • Power plants
  • OEMs
  • Boiler repair contractors
  • Exchanger re tube shops

Since the construction of heat exchangers, boilers and surface condenser tubes is mostly copper, steel, stainless steel, the tube walls needs to be carefully reduced to ensure proper tube joints during installation. This means your tube expander should have higher yield strength than your pipe, as well as an absolutely accurate calculation of tube dimension. We can help eliminate all the guess work because we have the experience to identify the right tooling for the job.

Download our Tube Expanding Procedural Document to learn more.

Ultra Torq technicians have the knowledge and experience to ensure maximum efficiency during installation, removal or maintenance. We provide valuable advice for every application including which tube pullers and cutters will guarantee successful tube removal, tube sheet grooving tools for fool-proof installation and effective condenser and boiler cleaners.

Just ask our experienced technicians about the right kind of condenser, boiler or pipe-sizing tube expander for your application.

You’ll be happy with our quick turn around and one-on-one personalized attention. In fact, our products and processes are certified to deliver optimum results.

We also stock a variety of superior bolt tensioners, torque multipliers, grooving tools, nut runners and pipe cutting and beveling tools for wind energy and other industrial applications.

Buy or hire Ultra Torq tube expanders to improve performance and productivity. Your satisfaction is our promise!