Some of the Biggest Off-Road Equipment in the World

At Ultra Torq, we provide bolting tools and other products for all sorts of off-road equipment.

This got us thinking about the sheer size of the equipment which use things like…

…and just how big they are.

And while some of the off-road vehicles our clients use are big, they aren’t the biggest in the world.

That distinction belongs to the following:

Terex 33-19 “Titan”
Terex 33-19 “Titan”

Terex 33-19 “Titan”

This bad boy is so big, only one was ever made (in London, Ontario in 1973) and Ultra Torq personnel provided the tooling to build it. Parts were shipped in on multiple railway flatcars; each half of the dump box alone required two flatcars each. It took over a year to build.

It’s a prototypical dump truck which had a payload capacity of 320 tons.

To put that in perspective, the capacity of an average dump truck is around 9 tons.

Some other impressive facts:

  • When empty, it weighs 509,500 lbs
  • It’s almost 67 ft in length
  • It uses a 169.49 litre diesel engine from a train

The “Titan” was in service for 13 years, hauling away earth for an iron mining company in California.

Nowadays, you can find the “Titan” in Sparwood, British Columbia as a tourist attraction.

Image: Wikipedia
The Bagger 293
The Bagger 293

The Bagger 293

This is the world’s biggest vehicle. Period. Full-stop.

The Bagger 293 is a giant bucket wheel excavator that was built in Germany in 1995.

Five such vehicles have been built and they can only be used in the world’s largest quarries.

The tale of the tape when it comes to the Bagger 293:

  • It’s 315 feet tall (Niagara Falls is 168 feet tall)
  • It’s 740 feet long (A CFL football field is 330 feet long)
  • It weighs 31 million pounds
  • It takes 5 people to operate it

Not surprisingly, something that big doesn’t move particularly fast.

The Bagger 293 travels at exactly 1 km/hour.

Image: Sometimes-Interesting
Acco Super Bulldozer
Acco Super Bulldozer

Acco Super Bulldozer

Something with the word “super” in its name has to be big, right?

The Acco Super Bulldozer is certainly that.

It was built in Italy and was the largest and strongest tracked bulldozer ever made.

Here are a few stats:

  • It has a gross weight of 183 tons
  • The blade is 23 feet wide and 9 feet tall
  • It’s powered by two 675HP diesel engines

Originally the Acco Super Bulldozer was to be shipped to Libya for contractors to use in land development.

However the United Nations placed trade embargoes on Libya and it never made it there. It remained in Italy and was never used.

Today, it can still be found in Italy as a tourist attraction for a local gardening company.

Image: Pinterest

No matter how big your equipment is, we’ve got tools to service it

Any vehicle that’s as big as the three just described needs to have securely tightened fasteners.

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