Norwolf X Drive® Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Norwolf X Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrenches

Revolutionary Design for Endurance, Safety and Accessibility

Norwolf’s X Driver system takes hydraulic torque wrenches to a new level with a simpler, safer, more durable design. With the flattest and thinnest profile of any hydraulic torque wrench, the X Driver family has greater access in more applications. It fits where competing tools cannot.

Multipatented X Driver design reduces the chance of breakdown and simplifies maintenance and repair.

The Only Wrenches You’ll Ever Need for all Applications

The availability of job-specific accessories means that X Driver wrenches are the only wrenches needed for any application.

Three types of drives are available in the X Driver family: the A Drive, M Drive and V Drive.

A Drive

The A Drive is a hex drive using a three-part design: the drive pawl, ratchet and drive gear. Its simpler design significantly reduces failure and facilitates repair. It is 10 to 15% faster than hydraulic wrenches from other companies.

M Drive

Designed for extremely low clearances, such as found in BOPs, the M Drive has the flattest width of any hydraulic torque driver. It fits spaces no other torque driver can. Its 40-degree stroke makes it the fastest driver in the X Driver family. Three types of hex links are available.

V Drive

For socket driven applications, the V Drive’s dedicated square drive offers the most versatile solution. It has eight different settings, is height adjustable and can be rotated 360 degrees. Like the M Drive, its 40-degree power stroke provides a 30% speed boost over competing tools on the market.


With the industry’s longest and narrowest drive throat, X Driver powerheads permit a large approach angle, which eliminates ratchet jogging for any in-line or inverted application. Each drive’s catch lever permits hands-free operation to prevent injury from kickback on the retraction stroke. An optional top-mounted tool handle prevents pinch points. There are no pins or screws required to lock in the powerhead to any of the three wrench types.

Repair and Maintenance

The X Driver family is designed for maximum endurance in all applications using a reduced parts count and single piece piston. Only three O-rings are used as compared to up to nine in other designs. No special tools are required for repair or maintenance and a single, standard size of spring is used internally.


Several accessories are available for the X Driver System:

  • Custom Pelican case to hold the powerhead, drives and other accessories
  • Hose adapter that allows 360 degree rotation in two planes to reduce tangles
  • Top-mounted safety handle that eliminates side switching when changing tool direction
  • Extended reaction arms to improve tool reach
  • Offset, low-height and stacking socket adaptors


The X Drive System is used anywhere fast, efficient, high precision torque is required for critical equipment in oil and gas fields, wind turbines, pipelines, refineries, boilers, mining operations, railroads and power generating facilities.

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