Ultra Torq

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Manage your workstations and maintain high quality workmanship

  • Your control system can communicate directly with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Receive error notifications by email and access the control from anywhere, saving time and money.
  • Remote diagnostics return accurate, complete information.
  • Meet increased demands on quality, safety and reliability.

Manage torque integrity

  • Manage torque and rotation angle to ensure quality.
  • Expanded nutrunning and monitoring includes yield point tightening, retrospective monitoring and friction measurements.
  • Includes allowances for individual steps, like automatic loosening in case of NOK results, repeated program steps or aborts in case of NOK.

Need to rent to buy a tool not listed here?

Our torque tools come from the best manufacturers around the world, and we have longstanding relationships with shipping providers. As such, we can ensure quick international delivery on orders of all sizes.
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