Electromechanical Torque Wrenches

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Product Description

The Manoskop 714 Electromechanical Torque Wrench

This is an indicating, click-type, electromechanical and angle-controlled wrench for use in energy, transport and aerospace industries around the world.

Get More from Your Electromechanical Torque Wrench

To expand the functionality of your electromechanical torque wrench, we carry a complete range of insert tools. Quick release ratchets, bit ratchets, fine tooth, square drive insert tools, open ended, shell, ring, torx and more. Contact us today to request a demo or price out an order.

Product Description

  • 4 measuring modes (torque, angle, torque backed up by angle, angle backed up by torque)
  • High-definition colour display with additional side-mounted indicator lamps
  • Freely configurable menu structure
  • Optionally: Li-ion battery No 7195-2 and charger No 7160
  • 3 function modes: cut-out, peak (indicating mode with peak value) and track (indicating mode with current value)
  • Micro USB interface
  • Bayonet connection for battery compartment
  • QuickRelease safety lock change system for insert tools
  • Angle-controlled measurement without a reference arm
  • Data storage (?2500 tightening jobs)
  • As many as 200 joints can be programmed in up to 25 preset sequences
  • Different tolerance limits can be set for each joint
  • Acoustic and visual assessment of the joint
  • Rapid, accurate setting via electromechanical torque wrench keypad
  • The automatic keypad lock prevents inadvertent changes
  • Overload protection by means of acoustic and visual signals and a fail-safe system (clockwise)
  • Automatic notification of the next calibration date, either by the number of joints or the time interval
  • Fully automated calibrating and adjusting using the Perfect Control calibrating and adjusting unit No 7794-2 (torque) or 7794-3 (torque and angle)
  • Units of measure: N·m, ft·lb, in·lb.
  • Tightening torque is automatically corrected if a deviating extension is entered
  • Immediately reusable after release
  • Clockwise and anticlockwise tightening – it may be necessary to refit the insert tool rotated through 180° for anticlockwise tightening in the cut-out mode
  • Tactile and acoustic trigger signal
  • Torque and angle are simultaneously visible
  • All readings are independent of the point of application of force (with sizes 1, 2 and 4)
  • Safe handling due to ergonomically designed handle (resistant to oils, grease, fuels, brake fluid and Skydrol)
  • 2 certificates (torque, angle)
  • In sturdy plastic case (size 40-100 in steel case)
  • Design patent, patent
  • Supplied with Sensomaster Basic software, USB cable, 4 AAA/LR03 micro-batteries, 1.5 V. AAA, 1.2 V, micro NiMH rechargeable batteries can be used
  • Display resolution, angle 0.1°
  • Display deviation value, angle ±1%, ±1 digit
  • Display resolution, torque ? 60 N·m: 0.01 N·m; > 60 N·m: 0.1 N·m
  • Display deviation value, torque ±2%, ±1 digit