Angle Controlled Torque Wrenches

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Product Description

Selected by Stahlwille to be Canada’s Torque Tool Distributor for Angle Controlled Torque Wrenches and More

Ultra Torq is the official Stahlwille distributor for Canada. You won’t find these expertly engineered tools anywhere else. If you’re looking for accurate, simple and versatile angle-controlled torque wrenches, the Sensotork 713R is your best bet.

Insert Tools for Your Stahlwille Torque Wrench

To expand the use of your Stahlwille angle-controlled torque wrench, we stock a complete selection of versatile insert tools, including bit ratchets, square drive insert tools, open ended, shell, ring, torx and more. Contact us today to request a demo or price out an order.


Specifications for Angle Controlled Torque Wrenches

  • Simple, flexible operation thanks to operator guidance on large-format display
  • Very broad measuring range (5% to 100% of rated value)
  • Supplied with insert tool reversible ratchet, more insert tools
  • QuickRelease safety lock
  • For clockwise and anticlockwise torquing
  • Measurements independent of the point of application of force (sizes 6 and 20)
  • Units of measurement: N·m, ft·lb, in·lb
  • Advance warning points programmable for visual, tactile and acoustic signals
  • Torque and angle are simultaneously visible
  • Convenient angle measurement across a very wide angle range without a reference arm
  • Insert tool lengths can be individually set
  • Maintenance friendly due to easy adjustment and automatic reminder of next calibration date
  • Repeated joints can be collated to form a single menu-guided sequence
  • Individual identification markings possible
  • Password protection to prevent inadvertent changes and make the tool tamper-proof
  • Meets requirements of DKD-R 3-7, Class 2
  • With certificate
  • In sturdy plastic case (size 40 in tough steel case)
  • Supplied with three 1.5 V AA batteries. AA/LR6, 1.2 V NiMH rechargeable cells may also be used.
  • Fully automated calibration (torque) using perfectControl calibrating unit No 7794-2.
  • Adjustment without disassembly.
  • Registered design
  • Display deviation value for angle ± 1°
  • Display deviation value ± 1%