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Product Description

No Hassle Electric Powered Torque Wrench Bolting

Stop struggling with air hoses and use V-Rad Electric Powered Bolting Tools.  For your convenience, these tools connect to any power supply including generators, and offer smooth and adjustable torque.

V-RAD series products are safe. They are comfortable to use, light weight, and provide a slow start trigger which prevents the tools from applying full torque as soon as it is activated. All wrenches come fully calibrated to NIST standards.

Our electric torque wrenches offer:

  • A variety of easy to adjust settings
  • Versatility
  • Durable electric motor designed to decrease the amount of maintenance required
  • Equal power in forward or reverse
  • Smooth and reliable operation

Included with all electric nutrunners is:

  • Reaction arm
  • Retention ring
  • waterproof storage hard case
  • operators guide

Ultra Torq provides the industry’s best after sales support. If your workers will require training on new equipment, or if your tools require recalibration, Ultra Torq will provide these services promptly.

Get the versatility of electric power wrenches, order today!


V-RAD Select 1000 Electric Prowered Bolting Tools Spec Sheet