3WTTC-2000 Wheel Type Tube Cutter

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Product Description

Wheel Type Tube Cutter for Quick and Productive Boiler Maintenance

Increase you productivity and the quality of your work with this top of the line wheel type copper tubing cutter. Its one of a kind engineering features three cutting wheels that will not produce any chips or debris, eliminating the necessity to clean your workspace after its use.


  • Increases your productivity
  • Saves you time collecting copper chips
  • Can be driven with pneumatic or electric power
  • Suitable for use with ferrous and non-ferrous materials

Complete Your Task in Half the Time

Reduce the time you spend on boiler maintenance and construction with the industry’s first 3 wheel copper tube cutter. It operates at a rapid speed of 100 Rpm, and provides smooth, chip free results.

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3WTTC-2000 Wheel Type Tube Cutter