Tube Knockout

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Product Description

Tube Drift for Quick Stub Removal

Use the tube drift, also known as a knock out tool, in conjunction with your pneumatic chipping hammer to knock stubs from the sheet. This tool is extremely effective for the quick removal of stubs below 16 gauge.

EGI is the leading manufacturer of precision engineered tube construction tools. This removal tool is fabricated to withstand the wear of heavy use over time, and is long-lasting and reliable.

Order Custom for Your Application 

For the most common OD sizes (1/2 inch – 1 inch), the tool comes standard in 6 inch reach. Other sizes, and longer reaches, are available by special order. You can also select your shank: tools come standard with shank 06, with the option to request shank 01.

Order your tube drift today and enjoy simplified condenser, boiler, and exchanger construction.