Push Type Tube Cutters

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Product Description

Cut Heavy Tube in Seconds with Push Type Tube Cutters

Our PTTC tube cutters will help you cut through multiple heavy duty tubes in little time. Its rugged design provides you with a long lifetime of efficient completion of all of your applications, and its new features make it the most versatile cutter available.

When used with the proper cutting speed, the HSS coated cutter blades are very long lasting. The tool is available in both one blade and two blade models.

Cuts through difficult materials such as:

  • Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Inconel

Offering Optimum Versatility

This tool is suitable for a wide variety of applications, and cuts effectively through ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Its adjustable blade depth allows you to achieve precise results. It is also available as a trimmer.

Low Maintenance, High Productivity

The design includes a front pilot that is mounted under the blade that eliminates the jamming due to chips becoming lodged in the cutter. The pilot ensures that chips are pushed forward into the tube, saving you the hassle and the maintenance.

Order your push type tube cutters today and decrease the time you spend cutting and trimming tube.


Push Type Tube Cutters 

Push Type Tube Cutters